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Want to monetize your expertise FAST?   

Programs and courses are the go-to offers for online experts, but they could take weeks (or even months) to go from idea to completion.

So... what are you to do if you have a brilliant idea, but don't want (or can't) wait that long!?

What if you could turn your idea into thousands in revenue and immediate results for your clients… a training that takes less than a week to create, promote, and deliver?  

If you’ve ever asked yourself...

  • What’s the simplest offer I can create to generate revenue fast?
  • Why isn’t there an easier way to serve my people without the huge time commitment, complicated launches, and tech headache?
  • How can I make money simply by teaching what I know directly to people who need it?
  • How can I get results for my clients in less time so I can earn more without sacrificing my free time?

Then it’s time to tap into the power of Virtual Workshops!

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"It was an incredibly enlightening experience!!!"  

"I received total clarity about the different uses, formats, offers, and marketing for virtual workshops!

Thank you so much, Alina, for your grace and humanity, for sharing your wisdom, "best practices," and swipe files, and by helping us to avoid having to reinvent the wheel and the many pitfalls that may arise! 

Everything you produce and present is golden and is made extra special by your caring deeply that each of your clients gets the best possible experience. You most definitely over-deliver and that makes you be appreciated even more deeply by your clients. Thank you for all of this and more!"

~ Ellen Hill

Are You Ready To Win With Virtual Workshops?

Give me just ONE day and I’ll help you create a high-value virtual workshop that engages, educates, and earns your clients instant results. 

This is a small group hands-on online event. Get the coaching and real-time feedback you need to confidently launch your first virtual workshop that very same week!

You’ll leave with a winning workshop idea, a crystal clear content outline, and my simple step-by-step plan for promoting and monetizing it.

During this powerful and practical hands-on training you'll discover...  

  • How to come up with a winning workshop topic, even if you don't have any ideas right now
  • Exactly how much information to include in your training, so that you can get your attendees measurable results in a matter of hours without overwhelming them (or giving away too much).
  • My step-by-step formula for making your virtual event an engaging, interactive, ‘this-is-better-than-in-person!’ experience.
  • Clever ways you can use the virtual workshop model to validate your new program ideas and promote higher ticket offers.
  • Simple and effective promotion strategies for filling your virtual workshop in under a week... without spending a penny on ads.
  • How to replicate this process over and over so you can net thousands whenever you have a good idea and a week to spare.
  • 5 proven ways to monetize your virtual workshop and keep making money way after it's over 

If you’re not using this proven no-brainer model to monetize your expertise fast, you’re simply missing out!

"You make it seem so effortless and doable..."  

"This training has really opened this whole different world of possibilities for delivering my expertise, for marketing my business and getting new clients!  

Alina, you have an incredible ability to give so much and make it seem so effortless and doable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

~ Nicholas Knight

"I Can't Believe How Clear My Next Steps Are..."  

“It was fantastic. I have so many takeaways. I’m amazed by the amount of content that was shared, and the content was amazing. I can’t believe how much was covered and how clear my next steps are.

My biggest takeaway was that I was thinking about virtual workshops completely backwards, and that’s why I’ve been stuck. There are simply no words - thank you!”

~ Rhonda Freed